Sleep Creates Beauty

Most of us feel less attractive when we have not slept enough.  A new study suggests that we look better when we are well-rested.

Swedish researchers (who do not report any affiliation with the Swedish Bikini Team) photographed healthy adults after a normal night’s sleep and the same adults after 31 hours of sleep deprivation.  Observers, unaware of the subjects’ sleep opportunities, rated the pictures of each subject, sleep-deprived and well-rested.  Those subjects, when sleep-deprived, were rated less healthy, more tired, and less attractive.  So observers basically thought the same people were better looking after a good night’s sleep.  Sleeping more seems a far more pleasant enhancer of appearance than plastic surgery.

Consider also the link between sleep and weight.  So sleep may help you lose weight and appear more attractive.  So, is “beauty sleep” real?  Probably.