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Early School Start Times Harm Students

What if your local high school had a practice, in place only by accident of history, that impaired the ability of high schoo…


Don't Neglect Sleep After Stroke

Have you had a recent stroke?  Has a relative or close friend of yours had a recent stroke?  You likely wish to help maximiz…


Principles of Better Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, there are safe, effective treatments for you.  And you probably do not even need a drug.


OSA in children

If your child has a behavior or learning problem, his or her doctor could consider a sleep disorder.


This is Your Sleeping Brain

Alcohol is a sedative and clearly helps people fall asleep.  In fact, folks use alcohol more than any other substance to fos…


Phase Delay

If you do your best work at night, have trouble going to bed early, and struggle in the morning, you may have a medical diso…


How Does Science Interpret Dreams

From Joseph’s interpretations of Pharaoh’s dreams to Freud’s analyses of dreams as repressed unconscious urges, to our casua…


To Serve, To Protect, and Perchance to Sleep- Police Officers and Sleep Disorders

We entrust police officers with our safety. We believe that they protect us from law-breakers. We assume they would act comp…


The Trials and Tribulations of Night Owls

Are you a night owl? Do you do your best work at night, struggle to fall asleep before midnight, sleep until noon on weeken…