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I grew up in Huntingdon Valley, PA.  Both of my parents worked as college guidance counselors in Philadelphia high schools.   I have one (younger) brother, Jason, who is a healthcare economist at Yale.  I attended Lower Moreland High School, where even someone of my modest ability could play several sports (cross country and tennis).  In college, I majored in molecular biology and worked as an intramural ping-pong referee, where I learned to wield authority with mercy and justice.  During my time at Penn Med, I developed an interest in sleep.  Few activities so fundamental to life as sleep remain mysterious to us.  Why do we sleep?  As I explored sleep, I rotated with several sleep doctors at Penn.  Their work was not only interesting but remarkably effective.  Sleep  patients got better!  I approached residency with an intent to practice sleep medicine and, since sleep is a brain function, chose neurology as my pathway to sleep.  Most sleep doctors today come from a pulmonary background.  Therefore, they focus on sleep and breathing issues like sleep apnea.  While proper breathing is necessary for good sleep, as I learned during my sleep fellowship, it is not sufficient.  I see treatment of sleep apnea as only one of many tools to improve sleep.