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Philips Recall Update:

Philips has issued a recall of most of its cpap, autopap, bipap, and asv devices.  Please review their website to see if you are affected: in a new tab)

Resmed units, including S10, are NOT affected by this recall.  Only Philips Respironics units are affected.

If you are affected, please understand that our information is limited. We know only that a foam used in the devices may break down and release particles and gases which may be harmful. We know that this information is distressing to many of you.

Please stop using any ozone-based cpap cleaning machines (so clean, for example) immediately, no matter the cpap device you are using. These cleaners seem to be a clear trigger of foam breakdown.

As best I can weigh pros and cons, here is what I am suggesting. In some conditions, we suggest you continue positive airway pressure:

  • atrial fibrillation or congestive heart failure
  • moderate or severe sleep apnea
  • use of cpap for CDL license
  • if cpap prevents excessive daytime sleepiness or drowsy driving.
  • If you are using positive airway pressure for respiratory failure- including an AVAPS device, or some forms of bipap for the obesity hypoventilation syndrome,

In other settings, like mild sleep apnea (AHI 5-15), without any of the above, we suggest you stop positive airway pressure until further notice.

Unfortunately, I do not have a way of replacing your device, and as best I know, neither does any homecare company at present.  Please call Philips at the following number to register for a replacement part: 877-907-7508.

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Welcome to Brian Abaluck, MD, Sleep Medicine

Providing Exceptional Sleep Medicine & Testing in Malvern, PA

At Dr. Brian Abaluck, M.D, our team is expertly trained in the complex field of sleep medicine. Not only do we perform thorough evaluations of patients of all ages, we advocate for behavioral interventions and offer CPAP-alternatives to ensure your comfort and continued success in the quest for better sleep. From insomnia to narcolepsy, our talented staff are here to help you manage your sleep disorders safely and effectively for the long-term.

With us, every patient is an individual, not a number. Our team, including Dr. Abaluck, lives and works locally, and we focus on a holistic healing approach that prioritizes your autonomy as a patient.

We provide telemedicine appointments. Remote visits are becoming the norm. Why travel? We accept Medicare and several private insurances. We can improve your sleep.

If you’re ready to find relief from your condition in a compassionate, comfortable and experienced environment, schedule an appointment today.

Brian Abaluck, MD




Harvard Medical School, Sleep Medicine

University of Michigan, Neurology

Medical School
MD, University of Pennsylvania

BS in Molecular Biology with Honors, Yale University

Elizabeth King, CRNP


Elizabeth's Training

Advanced Training
CRNP, University of Pennsylvania

BS, Penn State

Ryan Anastasi, CRNP


Ryan's Training

Advanced Training
CRNP, DeSales University

BSN, West Chester University

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We can use behavioral change, medication, or both to improve sleep quality.
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Since 2013, we've evaluated and treated sleep disorders of varying complexity, from restless leg syndrome to dream enactment. Start sleeping better today!

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We happily accept most insurance plans, including Medicare. If you do not see your insurance provider listed here, please contact our office to verify acceptance and eligibility.

Our Patients Love Us!

  • Dr. Abaluck has a very good bedside manner - professional and informative. His staff is excellent - very professional and polite

    Posted On March 5, 2020
  • Thorough and spent ample time with me. Highly recommend Brian and his team. Great results too!

    Posted On January 23, 2020
  • Nice place, excellent doctor. Sleep therapy is a lengthy and sometimes complicated process. Dr. Abaluck is understanding and responsive to concerns.

    Posted On July 11, 2019
  • Dr. Abaluck was friendly, straightforward, and helpful. He listened to me and my concerns and answered all of my questions. Front desk staff were also very nice and appointments seemed to run on time

    Posted On February 6, 2019
  • Excellent Dr. and practice. A very well organized office staff . I highly recommend them.

    Posted On January 17, 2019
  • Dr. Abaluck spent a good deal of time with me and provided some very practical suggestions for improving my sleep. I would recommend his practice to anyone!

    Posted On January 8, 2019
  • Very pleasant experience! A doctor that listens, explains and is open to your own individual medical needs. Very happy to have found this doc!

    Posted On September 6, 2018